The Fool’s Journey and Pandora’s Box

My Budj* (I'll elaborate on this term - and him - elsewhere, but you can take it to mean boyfriend/partner/nesting partner or a variation of) self-identifies with the Tarot card figure The Fool.Symbolically, The Fool represents the beginning of our journey through life's adventures and trials, and the notion of a fresh start. Waking each morning... Continue Reading →


QUEEN (aka The Myth of The Infinite Lover, as told by Fig)

Recently I was given the gift of something truly remarkable - and especially so for a story and word obsessed lexisexual who craves thoughtful external perspective.  Over several uncensored nights, Fig, my Sometimes Lover and Continual Delight (you might remember him from What’s (Infinite) Love Got to Do With It?) enthralled me with an epic tale... Continue Reading →

You Should Have Known Better (or How It’s Time to Start Listening to What People Say About Themselves / Stop Ignoring What They’re Really Showing of Themselves)

It's no secret that I went through another shitty break up fairly recently, or that it's taking quite some time to work through it (side note - surely this shit should get easier with age???). I've done a lot of processing, both public and private, about my role in the relationship's demise, and I see how both circumstances... Continue Reading →


I remember the night we met. As is so often the case with me, the connection was instant. You were lit up with a fire that burned brightly, no matter how dark you might become at times. It was intoxicating, but in a way that made me feel like I could see more clearly. I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Why did you do that (to me?)! An exploration into not taking things personally…

It's been a confusing time lately - and that's putting it lightly. I've fallen over (literally, and still have the bruises), I've fallen down (metaphorically, and am not entirely sure that I'm back upright yet), my very existence seems to have been causing a lot of pain and mayhem for the ones I love (we'll return... Continue Reading →

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