How Did You Know? Pt. I (First love)

Perhaps the more relevant question is, how didn't I know? Looking back, I loved infinitely from my very first experiences with connection. In kindergarten, I had three 'best' friends, Angela, Pauline and Joanne. And that's not to forget about my other best friends, Kristen and Kylie, who I'd spend a month camping with every year.... Continue Reading →


What If They Don’t Love Me?

'What if no one will love me if I act on my infinitely loving self?' What a heartbreaking question she posed - and one I couldn't ignore. My first response could only be, 'how can anyone truly love you if you're not being your infinitely loving self?' Of course, we are not who we love, but... Continue Reading →

The Start of Infinity

I remember thinking at the time, 'why doesn't all sex start from this place? This is what lovemaking should be about!' The funny part was, we were barely touching. And yet we both felt totally penetrated, fully connected, absolutely surrendered, bodies shivering with mutual pleasure. We were in silence. The environment demanded it - a... Continue Reading →

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